The members of Def Leppard all agree that they’d like to stage another Las Vegas residency after their latest 12-show run proved to be such a positive experience.

The band also said the last two performances were recorded and will be released at some point in the future.

“For the last time, we are going to see this tonight,” singer Joe Elliott said in their final residency vlog, which showed off the multi-screen stage display for the song “Animal.” “I’m just having kind of a reminiscent moment with it. Right now I’m feeling rather emotional.”

Later, he noted, “We filmed the last two [shows]. It was amazing. A bit fruitier there, but that’s great … you’ve got a camera on you so you over-wield a bit. … It’s been an absolute blast. I want to do this again. Not right away, but one day down the road. I can see this in my future.”

You can watch the vlog below.

Guitarist Vivian Campbell said he wished Def Leppard had stayed a little longer. “If we were here another week, we’d really, really, really impress ourselves,” he explained. Fellow guitarist Phil Collen agreed that they should return to Vegas, though he added that he found the residency as tiring as being on tour, which he didn't expect.

Bassist Rick Savage joked that "we've got away with it!” adding that he enjoyed the last show most of all. “We’ve learned a lot of things along the way, and again we progress forward.” Drummer Rick Allen agreed with that view, saying the residency was educational and he wanted to do it again. “When I was at school, I was a marathon runner, and doing shows like this, long shows, I tapped into that," he said. "It was good for my technique.”

Def Leppard have two shows listed on their schedule, one at the Exit 111 Festival in Manchester, Tenn., on Oct. 12 and another in Sacramento on Nov. 2.


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