No words on my part can lessen the pain from the tragedy that played out in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd.  Nor can I speak to the feelings of African-Americans and other people of color with empathy.  I can only say that I understand and hope for more understanding and accomplishment toward eliminating the divides.

We all find ourselves reflecting on what has been the nearly first half of 2020.  Some are surprised by both the Pandemic and the protests not only happening in the same year but also at the same time.  Others aren't surprised and feel it was only a matter of time for both.

The timing, though, has presented several questions that may, in comparison to events, seem trivial or insignificant.  I found myself asking them and looked for answers.  i also found myself astonished that I was dealing with these 2 events and how they impact our community.

Like many who watched the protests, my focus turned for a moment away from the point to questioning if large crowds of people should be amassed in the middle of this pandemic; especially at a time when we are just beginning to resume some normal activity.

Again, this may be trivial against the backdrop of events but, nevertheless, I can't lie and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  It remains to be seen whether the convergence of thousands of people will have an effect on the number of Covid-19 cases in these areas.

One thing I did find out is that, in fact, tear gas can help the spread of the virus; at least according to the CDC.  Obviously, exposure to tear gas increases coughing and sneezing which expel respiratory droplets.  Plus the touching of your face adds to the possibility of contracting the disease.

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