As I've stated many times over the years on-air and online, I'm not a hunter.  Many of the friends I grew up with in Wisconsin were and many of my friends here in Michigan are.  In both cases they were and are responsible hunters who care very much for our natural resources.  From them I'm helped to form my own opinion which is: I think hunting is a good thing if done for the right reasons with respect and responsibility.  One of the important factors is keeping numbers, like the deer population, at a level that is good for the deer and more importantly safe for us.  Safe being less deer/car accidents.

So when I saw on that the folks in Skandia, MI held their 18th annual Predator Hunt it got me to thinking.  Are we at a point where coyotes and foxes are becoming a problem in the Kalamazoo area?  There are other predators as well but perhaps not as prevalent.  Is there a need for a Predator Hunt?

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