Our friends from Kalamazoo Public Safety Deputy Chief Karianne Thomas and Officer John Resseguie stopped by to let us know that the "Thin Blue Line" is getting thinner and they're looking for the best and brightest to fill the ranks.  And check this out...there is a sponsorship program that pays your salary while you train at the academy.  If you are a smart person of good character and have a sincere desire to better the community, this might be the carreer for you.   As Karianne and John explained, there is so much more about being a police officer than fighting crime and issuing tickets.

When you look at the important things is this line of work, it's the interaction with the community and having a positive effect on it that tops the list.  Sure it's a dangerous job and they risk their lives every day but from what they said and what I know from my friends that are cops it's certainly one of the most exciting, dynamic, challenging professions on the planet and one that allows for tremendous impact.  Every day is different and it's almost never boring.  Can't say that about most jobs.  Plus, you get get 7 days off in a row every month.  Certainly can't say that about most jobs.

Click HERE to get a job interest card.  Good luck and be safe.

Bonus Video:  Don't "McKelly" and Drive



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