Looking to socialize during isolation? Are you fan of teamwork? When you say "Yas, Queen," are you actually referring to your Queen? Then you've got what it takes to join the "A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony" Facebook page. I'll admit, when I saw the invitation a friend had sent me asking if I'd like to join the group, I was concerned that social-distancing had finally got the better of her. However, I joined the group and it couldn't be a funnier, weirder time. Admins and contributors will post a picture of a food, a predator, a colony queen, etc., and every ant in the colony responds with help. All 1,750,800 members of the group will:

Sugar Cube: "L I C K", "E A T", "N O M"

Enemy: "R U N", "F I G H T", "R E T R E A T"

Queen: "P R A IS E", "P R A IS E", "P R A IS E" (She gets praised a lot).

As silly as I thought this group would be, it's actually been delightfully amusing. It's also a weird reminder that no matter how small you are, or how alone you feel, it really does take a village... I mean, colony.

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