It's safe to say that our governor Gretchen Whitmer has become even more of a polarizing figure in the past month.  Her handling of the coronavirus crisis has resulted in 2 protests at the State Capital and one at the governor's mansion.  The problem as I see it is we don't know if our government officials are going too far or not far enough.  We've never been in this situation before.  Once again only time will tell and hopefully there won't be disastrous consequences on either side of the opinions.  We do know this, many people want the governor's head on a to speak.  Well, this might be the next best thing.

I just received an email sent by Phil Sklar from the National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame and Museum which, by the way, I didn't know existed till I got the email.  He tells me that this morning they unveiled the first ever bobblehead of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer along with several other governors.  Now, whether you're a supporter of the governor or not, by purchasing one you will help the Protect The Heroes fund in support of the 100 Million Mask Challenge.  Oh and you can also get the Dr. Fauci bobblehead too.  Check out the choices below and take your pick by clicking HERE.

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