OK... Now they're getting everyone's attention.  If nothing else, this crisis has been one long learning experience and it's going to be even longer.  We've been given instructions, we've been given orders and we've been given suggestions as to how we can better survive the quarantining.  The fact that liquor stores remain open tells you that one of the most popular ways to cope is to drink and, show of hands, who needs another reason?

Now we find out in an article on foxnews.com, that drinking alcohol excessively (Is there any other way?) can weaken the immune system.  Apparently, the same reason we feel "happy" when we get drunk has the same effect on our immune systems.  They get slow and feel like a rag doll.  Sorry.  Didn't mean to get so technical.  Anyway, if we get drunk so does our immune system and it can't defend itself.  Plus, it's probably going to make some bad decisions.  So, the more you drink the more exposed you are to the possibility of getting the virus.  Cheers!

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