If you're going to vandalize your hometown's welcome sign, and you live in Hancock, Michigan, there are three obvious letters you want to swipe.

The Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton reported that neighboring Hancock police are looking for a suspect who stole an e, r and c from the city's Welcome to Hancock/Copper County sign. Now any 6th grader would tell you that if you're stealing letters from H-a-n-c-o-c-k. You seal the H-A-N. Duh.

The case appears to have been a solo operation with the thief being spotted by Hancock police during the heist.

A warrant was issued for the individual charged with the theft by the Houghton County Prosecutor’s Office, said Police Chief Wayne Butler.

“This was a pretty strong case, because the officers actually saw him doing it,”

Why not choose the obvious H-a-n to steal? Maybe he was inebriated on a few too many Bosch beers. 

The charge is for less than $200 in damage. The suspect no longer lives in the Houghton County area (so likely a college student at Finlandia University or Michigan Tech) and Hancock Police aren't travelling to make the arrest. However, the outstanding warrant is on the man's record should he have any future run-ins with law enforcement.

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