The tributes continue to roll out for Eddie Van Halen and some in the Los Angeles area have been able to see artist Robert Vargas' new mural at the Hollywood Guitar Center as a work in progress. Among those who've stopped by is fellow guitar god Zakk Wylde, as can be seen in the postings below.

Those not in the Los Angeles area can get an idea of what's going up in honor of Eddie Van Halen courtesy of a video report from KXFM 104.7 host Leeza London as seen below.

Vargas has been working on the mural for the past week with the official unveiling set to take place at the Guitar Center in Hollywood on Jan. 26, which is also Eddie Van Halen's birthday.

Van Halen died last October at the age of 65 and the tributes and praise for the musician have been plentiful. There has also been talk in Pasadena, where the Van Halen brothers grew up, of creating a memorial in the city.

Watch the video report on the mural followed by Vargas' own postings from the painting site with Zakk Wylde stopping by.

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