One of the things that goes through my mind on a consists basis is becoming famous one day. Granted, I understand the chances of becoming famous are low and that it's a luxury for that many people to know who you are, but it's always been a dream of mine. I've always wanted to be someone that everyone recognize and to have boat loads of cash to spend on expensive trips and collectibles that show off my status, but that's reserved for very few.

Being from Kalamazoo, a smaller city in Michigan, I felt my chances were even more slim than those who grew up in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many other big cities. I instinctively believed that a bigger city gave you a leg up and that small towns such as mine had no magic. After noticing that some successful people attended school in Kalamazoo, I wanted to see who else came through the Zoo before reaching stardom.

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One of My favorite things to do in my free time is to watch tv and/or movies. Sitting in front of a screen with some of my favorite snacks and drinks, whether alone or with friends and loved ones, I enjoy watching the moving pictures for entertainment. When watching "White Chicks" I saw Terry Crews and something made me wonder if he played college football. Well, this basic google search led me down a rabbit hole of actors and actresses who attended college in Kalamazoo.

Big Screen Broncos

I vowed to my mother that I would at least keep Western Michigan University as an option for post-secondary education, but I had already made the conscious decision that I wouldn't attend, I just didn't want to stay in Kalamazoo. With a bar and party scene like Kalamazoo, along with quality sporting teams and other things to do on campus, you should expect to the Broncos to bring students in.

The Broncos have done just that and even hosted some of the biggest names. Way back in the day before starring in movies or tv shows like, "Everybody Hates Chris" or "Home Improvement", Terry Crews and Tim Allen received their education in Kalamazoo. Others such as Bruce Campbell, Nicole Forester, David Wayne, Page Kennedy, Skylar Stone, and Shannon Kane all wore the Black, Brown, and Gold and called Kalamazoo home before stepping in front of the camera.

Movie House Hornets

Kalamazoo College, or as many of us here in the Zoo have dubbed it, K College is a much smaller school, but is no stranger to the famous train. They still have all the same recruitment tools that Western has, plus being able to say that are a smaller more tight knit group with alum all over the world. Other than the expenses, there aren't many differences between the two.

While watching "The Walking Dead" someone mentioned something to me about one of the actors in the cast having gone to college in Michigan. I couldn't help myself and had to find out and to my surprise it wasn't just any college, but a college whos campus I have roamed upon countless times. Steven Yeun wandered the streets of Kalamazoo before waltzing onto tv sets. He was joined by the likes of Selma Blair, Jordan Klepper, Lisa Kron, and Fern Persons who all donned the Black and Orange at Kalamazoo College before their cinematic break.

Getting To Know Kalamazoo A-Z

Whether you're moving, new or from Kalamazoo, here is a nutshell of our city, from A to Z.

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