Benny McGarey
Benny McGarey

Over on the other side of the state is my hometown of Rochester Hills, also home town to Professional Nascar Driver, Brad Keselowski. Brad and I went to school breifly together but as soon as he went pro, I recalled that he was a grade ahead of me in Middle School. Brad has attracted fans from all over the country, but none stronger than the ones in his hometown.

Recently, I was contacted by Cris Lemarbe whose friend, Benny McGarey made easily one of the coolest beer pong tables in existance! The table is a dedication to Brad and his sponsor. I asked Benny what the inspiration behind this was. These photos show the transformation!

Me and my buddies from high school have been rooting for Brad for years now. Not everyone can say that they have a sports athlete or our case a race car driver from close to our home town. He’s a Michigan boy so we support our own! For years my buddy Kyle has been saving Miller Light caps and never did anything with them. We do a guys weekend down at the August race in Brooklyn every year and wanted to make a nice beer pong table to take down. After going through ideas back and forth we decided to use the different kinds of Miller Light caps. Then lights came into the equation. Since Brad is sponsored by Miller Light we drew up plans for a "2" in the middle with LED lights around it. Lights weren’t enough for the finished product. The lighting system has 2 settings. First setting is all lights on and second activates 2 sound sensors. One picks up treble and the other is a bass impact sensor. The red and blue (2) lights up to bass and the white border flashes to the treble. We wanted to make sure it would stand apart from other tables that people have seen. 7 months and countless hours have gone into design and build.

I still can't get over how cool this table is. Next time I'm in town you know I'm playin a round!



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