Who's ready for Fat Tuesday?  It's coming up next Tuesday the 25th as many get ready for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  I went to Catholic school for 12 years and know all about Ash Wednesday and Lent but it wasn't until my adulthood that I even knew anything about Fat Tuesday; let alone Paczkis.

Now we find out, in an article on freep.com, that a Detroit distillery is planning on taking the Paczki to a place it may not have been before.  Detroit City Distillery is whipping up some Paczki Vodka this year.  Picture a big vat of 100% Polish potato vodka.  Now imagine 12 dozen raspberry-filled paczki (that's 144 paczki) from metro Detroit’s beloved New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck floating around and basking in the vodka. The paczki get a 24-hour soak. Some of the paczki are whole and some are pulled apart.  Then they fire up the still and it extracts all the raspberry, doughy, sugar pastry and it tastes like a paczki.

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