Does "Big Me" want to be a smaller "me"? Are you tired of thinking you'll get in shape "Next Year"? Well, "Times Like These" are perfect to burn off the calories as Peloton have tapped Foo Fighters music to soundtrack their next series of workouts as part of their Featured Artist Series.

If you're ready for a "Run" that will hopefully bring out the "Best of You," there are several workouts scheduled through the day on Wednesday (Nov. 17). It starts off with a Foo Fighters Peloton Warm Up Run with Marcel Dinkins at 10AM ET. There's also a Warm Up Ride with Christine D'Ercole at 11AM ET.

If yoga is your thing, Denis Morton leads a 30 minute Foo Fighters session at 6PM ET. Matt Wilpers has a 30 minute run at 7PM ET. Selena Samuela leads a 30 minute full body strength session at 7:30PM. And finishing out the series of Foo Fighters workouts, Emma Lovewell takes you through a 30 minute Peloton Ride at 8PM ET.

There is nothing left to lose except the pounds you may burn off, so if you're a Foo Fighters fan, Wednesday is a good day to get your Peloton workouts in.

The newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famers are one of many artists to have their music featured within special artist themed workout sessions, following other acts such as Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, the Beatles and more.

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