Dave Grohl said he had evidence that the house used by the Foo Fighters to record their upcoming album is haunted – but he's not allowed to reveal it.

The band set up in a California mansion built in the ‘40s, which turned out to have a disturbing history. They only discovered the story after things started going bump in the night during their absence from the studio.

“When we walked into the house in Encino, I knew the vibes were definitely off but the sound was fucking on,” Grohl said in a new interview in Mojo (via NME). “We started working there and it wasn’t long before things started happening. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned. Or the setting we’d put on the [sound]board, all of them had gone back to zero. We would open up a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing. There were some tracks that were put on there that we didn’t put on there. … Nobody playing an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room.”

He added that the recordings didn’t include “any voices or anything really decipherable.” However, Grohl said, he set up a baby monitor “to see if there was anyone there or anyone was coming to fuck with us. ... At first, nothing. And right around the time we thought we were [being] ridiculous and we were out of our minds, we started to see things on the nest cam that we couldn’t explain.”

That material won't be unveiled, Grohl explained. “When we found out about the history of the house, I had to sign a fucking nondisclosure agreement with the landlord because he’s been trying to sell the place," he said. " So, I can’t give away what happened there in the past … but these multiple occurrences over a short period of time made us finish the album as quickly as we could.”

Earlier this month, Grohl confirmed that the follow-up to 2017’s Concrete and Gold was complete, noting that he was “so fucking proud of it” and it was “unlike anything we’ve ever done.”


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