I was talking with a friend the other day and he was wondering why congress wasn't going back to Washington D.C. to get to work on fixing the country when ordinary people, some of whom are making minimum wage, are going to work everyday and risking their lives.  He makes a good point.  I was also thinking how surprised many people are that this situation exists.  Nowhere in any pandemic movie was it brought to our attention that a grocery store cashier was in any kind of danger.  This is one of those things that completely blindsided us.  Certainly, there's been talk and even legislation brought forth to give medical and law enforcement personnel a pay raise or bonus but what about the retail sector?

Well, one of the world's biggest companies is going to do just that right here in Michigan.  Walmart is giving it's associates in Michigan $2.7 million in bonuses according to a story on wlns.com.  Nationwide, $550 million will be paid out.  I don't have a family member working in a situation like this but if I did, I'd be very scared for their safety.  Think about that when you're trying to decide whether to wear a mask or not.

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