Fox 17 has become known for its weather forecasts being unique with Garry Frank going on a couple viral rants during the weather.  Yesterday they did something cool and cringe-worthy at the same time.

On the 4 o’clock Fox 17 newscast yesterday, Meteorologist Erik Kostrzewa had Ben Wallace of the “2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons” in helping do weather.  I didn’t see the setup, but obviously as Ben is part owner of the Grand Rapids Drive, he was there to talk about the home opener on Saturday for the GR Drive.

I like the idea of trying to get celebrity guest to step out of their comfort zone for interviews but watching the video, they teach Ben how to do the weather WHILE ON THE AIR... that’s what makes it a bit cringe-worthy; only because he was really learning, on live TV!

He did a great job for the most part and he’s an NBA Champion, so who cares how well he really did. Point is, he’s done the weather and we haven’t… and the Grand Rapids Drive’s home opener is Saturday.

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