As of right now we are less than two months away from Mother’s Day and already the preparation has begun to find a good gift for moms. Every year seems to be a challenge to find something different to show your appreciation. While scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw an advertisement pop up for a company a little north of Kalamazoo that seems to have a permanent answer for a temporary gift. It turns out you can freeze dry flowers? I’ve never even heard of this but apparently it’s a process that will allow you to somewhat immortalize a gift that usually only holds its beauty for about 2 to 3 weeks before it starts wilting.

The company, Frozen Creek Floral is located in Belmont, near Grand Rapids, and  doing this for the past 35 years, they're one of the first three businesses in the country to start and develop the Floral Freeze Dry Industry.

How Does It Work

Apparently when you bring your flowers in to them, they're held in the chamber at minus 30 degrees, which holds the position of the blossom and stops the aging process. When the machine is fully loaded, a vacuum pump slowly pulls the moisture and ice crystals out of the flower cells. Their website describes just how they keep the flowers so stiff.
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How Do The Flowers Stay Firm & Un-decayed

"Under a vacuum, the ice crystals melt at different temperatures going from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid. The gas is drawn to another chamber and condenses back to ice. Because of this process, their shape and natural color are maintained. When the flowers are done they are hand-dipped in a solvent that helps hold them together as well as having UV inhibitors to help reduce fading from the sun."

This seems super cool and just another idea we have at our disposal for the upcoming holiday.

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