Nobody gave me marijuana this Christmas, even though it was at the top of my Christmas list.

It turns out you can give the gift of weed in Michigan, but entrepreneurs (or should I call them ganjapreneurs?) hoping to scam their way into early sales have been warned to knock it off.

Avid ganjapreneurs scoured the new law that was voted into being in November, and they noticed it was legal to give weed away (up to 2.5 ounces in fact), but still illegal to sell it. So they would sell candy or T-shirts from their web sites, and promised an added "gift" for buying their wares -- an ounce or two of pot.

But lawyers say they won't get away with this scam for very long. Robert Hendricks from the law firm of Wrigley, Hoffman and Hendricks recently told WZZM-13 News that its obvious what they're trying to do, and it violates the newly installed law.

"If I want to make a business out of it, and sell you a t-shirt for $500 and then give you two ounces of marijuana for free, it certainly feels like that's kind of a disguised sale of marijuana because everybody knows that t-shirt ain't worth $500," Hendricks said.

Since you're only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces, it would be tricky to create a business with that amount. The law also states you cannot advertise or promote these gifts.

But what if you know a patient with a medical marijuana card?

"The law is what it is, it says that the medical use of marijuana does not involve giving marijuana to someone else, so if you're a patient and you give your marijuana away if you've done it with your patient hat, if you stop being a patient and put your other hat on...maybe you're not," Hendricks said.



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