Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I scour the interwebs to find the best (and worst) thoughts floating around social media.  Without further ado…

Here are the BEST Great Moments in Facebook History for today, Wednesday, February 8th, 2017:

  • Honestly, my biggest fear about becoming a zombie in the apocalypse is all the walking.
  • (Chris Jackson) Lack of sex will have you mad at stupid sh*t like why is this floor on the floor.
  • Just saw a dog bark loud at another dog in Kemptown.  Owner to dog: “See, this is why you’ve got no f*cking mates, Dave.”
  • Went for a run today and was disrupted by a small group of children who thought it would be funny to run 2m ahead of me screaming as though being chased… Making me appear to passers-by like some sort of sweaty pedophile, and prompting an elderly man to yell leave the kids alone.
  • If you combine wine and dinner, the new word is winner.

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