I like to joke about some of these new products as being "the answer to all our hopes, dreams and yes, prayers". I know that's way over the top, but when I saw this new mustard flavored bun from French's, I thought, yes, I'd like to at least try it once.

Mosquitos not withstanding, what's better at a Michigan cookout, whether it's at your home, or better yet, up North, than hot dogs? (Don't confuse the narrative by saying hamburgers, or ribs or sausages.)

Saturday, August 7th is National Mustard Day, and French's has been making odd items to celebrate the past couple years. First, it was mustard ice cream, then last year it was mustard beer. But French's shared a recipe and you can actually make these yourself. However, these buns will be at several Major League ballparks the next few weekends, but they're not available in stores, yet, and probably won't be unless they become a big hit.

Now, first things first, unless you're a three year old, we already know you NEVER put ketchup on a hot dog, but having the mustard built in seems like sheer genius. And speaking of regional biases, just think, this bun works both in Chicago and Detroit. If you were to be having a coney dog, well, mustard is a must to go with the crumbled meat and the onions. (Come on. Life is short. You gotta have the onions) And, of course, with a Chicago hot dog (aka, a salad on a bun) a good yellow mustard is critical. And, on second thought, these buns would be perfect with hamburgers. And you're okay to put ketchup on a burger, if you'd like. No shame in that.

And returning to the original premise - a Michigan cookout - think of it this way: It's one less condiment you have to bring with you. Though, the older I get, the more I love a good mustard. Happy Mustard Day.

(French's via YouTube)

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