Never before has a Broadway show taken, not only America but the world by storm.  Even the creators of the musical were astounded by its success which happened almost immediately.  Who would have thought that a musical about founding father and first treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton consisting of a mostly non-white cast with music ranging from rap to hip-hop to jazz would become such a phenomenal hit.  Since it first came on the scene it's been the hottest ticket on the planet.

Now it's coming to Grand Rapids and you better get your tickets for this one. reports that tickets will be available in person at 8am on November 7th at the Devos Place Grand Gallery Box Office and 10am at  The show will run from January 21, 2020- February 9, 2020.  Ticket prices will range from $69- $189 with some premium seats at $249 and there will be a lottery for 40 $10 seats for every performance.




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