Happy Birthday today to one of great bassist in rock, Jeff Ament.  Known mostly for his work with Pearl Jam,  He is also featured in a few side projects like, Tres Mts. and RNDM.

He started out with fellow Pearl Jam member Stone Gossard in the classic Seattle bands Green River and Mother Love Bone.

Jeff plays bass but also has written the music for many classic songs for Pearl Jam such as "Jeremy" and "Nothingman" and also my favorite of his, "Nothing as It Seems".

He also plays a major part in deciding the  packaging and art for the bands various albums and posters.  His work with skateboard graphic artist Don Pendelton, Joe Spix and Jerome Turner( aka Eddie Vedder) on "Lightning Bolt" led to a Grammy for best recording package.

One of my favorites, Happy Birthday Jeff!


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