I think everyone has been there.  There is that one car that you loved so much you wish you still had.  Mine wasn't exactly mine but then in a way it was.

The car I wish I still owned was my Dad's 1969 Mercedes Benz 280 SL Roadster.  It was my Dad's classic car that he bought in Battle Creek  the week of the Moon Landing in 1969.

One of my earliest memories is riding in the back of that car.   Somehow my brother and I both fit in it at one time.    My dad had kept everything from the car.  It was as original as it could be.  I think he told me the only thing he didn't get that came with the car originally was a luggage set.

The car was a rarity for it's model year as most of the cars that were sold in the U.S. were with automatic transmission.   My dad was lucky enough to get one with manual transmission.   I am still not that great in driving manual transmission but the few times I got the chance to drive this car I got it down the road.

He eventually added me to the title of the car so for awhile I actually owned a classic car.   The last time we both got to enjoy it together was when we drove it to one of the cruze-ins at the Gilmore Car Museum.  I wish we could of went to more shows with it.

Sadly, a few years ago my Dad decided to sell the car so he could pay off some bills.  I loved it and wish I could still drive it.   At least I still have those memories of enjoying it.

Is there a classic that you wish you still owned?