We've all seen the list of symptoms.  Or should I say the growing list of symptoms.  The list started with a mild fever, a cough and a feeling of listlessness.  Then the list began to grow to lips turning blue, coughing blood, headaches, tingling in the body, loss of smell and taste, vomiting, etc.  And now we can add we can add another odd symptom to the list.

In an article on msn.com, it has also been determined that a condition affecting the feet or more specifically the toes is connecting to COVID-19 and they're calling it COVID Toes.  The dermatology community has described this symptom as purple lesions on the feet an/or toes which may present itself before any other symptoms.  So it sounds like it's precursor to the virus itself.  Another issue that presents is the discolored areas may feel hot and/or itchy as well.  Like I said...one more thing to add to the list.

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