This is certainly one way to show your love of a film franchise.

In Spring Grove, IL, a giant corn maze has been erected to celebrate James Bond. Sixty years of James Bond, to be exact.

The maze, at The Richardson Farm, features the iconic actors who have portrayed James Bond over the span of 60 years. That includes Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Roger Moore. Proclaimed as the World's Largest corn maze, this work of art stretches over 28 acres. That translates to about 10 miles of trails.

Of course, a James Bond-themed corn maze wouldn't be complete without the classic Aston Martin and Bond Girl in the center:

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The giant maze is actually comprised of four smaller mazes, according to their website. And, yes, there are maps to help you make it through. In fact, Richardson Farm also offers games that last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour that you can play while exploring the maze. See more here.

In an interview with, George Richardson, who operates the farm with his family, said,

We are Bond fans. We love all the films. Every winter we are thinking about what the corn maze theme will be. If the Chicago sports teams did something spectacular, we celebrate that because it’s popular with the customers and media. But, that didn’t happen, so we searched for anniversaries of great things.

It just so happens that James Bond is celebrating its 60th anniversary in October of this year. Thus, the idea for the giant maze came to life.

How Do They Create the Maze?

Technology, baby! In that same interview, Richardson went on to say that, basically, a GPS is hooked into a computer and tells it where to plant the corn to create the desired picture.

Once the corn has grown to about four feet, they go in and smooth out the lines and trails. Pretty neat, huh?

The Richardson Farm, also known as Richarson Adventure Farms, is only open from September 1st through November 4th and offers much more than just a corn maze. Learn more on their website or by following them on Facebook.

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