We judge success in many ways, but in business there's really only one way, and that's with dollars. But a close second is home or homes you can afford to buy. Bob Campbell built a shoe and clothing empire, BBC International (think Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West and others). That fortune he amassed helped buy this nine bedroom, nine plus bathroom waterfront mansion back around the turn of the century for $3 million. (It was built in 1970, then renovated 20 years ago, according to the listing. It was probably renovated again, as the interior design is all modern)

Campbell died in 2020, and his heirs sold this property this week for a record $19.9 Million dollars. (Reports say the real estate agent, Oren Alexander, handled both ends of the sale. That's a nice paycheck this week.)

The funny thing about all this, Campbell built a true business empire, but what's the thing all the stories are mentioning today? This is the man who gave us lighted shoes and Heely's. Seems like every kid begged his parents and had to have those shoes that lit up when you walked (don't run in the house!) around the house. The other shoe was Heely's. Heely's had the wheel built into the heels. How many parents and teachers and others were driven to distraction by that rolling around?

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So take a look around. This is what selling Heely's can get you.

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