The tropics are closer than you think as a multi-story Tiki bar is opening soon in downtown Grand Rapids.

Entrepreneurs are counting on the exotic allure of the South Pacific to bring customers to a new theme bar. Max's South Seas Hideaway, Grand Rapids' first ever Tiki bar will roll out the bamboo carpet this Summer. Billed as "a unique, world-class immersive experience for friends, co-workers, or a romantic escape to a far-off land," it will open in August in the Waldron building at 58 Ionia Ave. SW, reports Fox17.

G.R. is a beer town, but this banana stand is for those who drink rum like a pirate. Look for wooden mugs with umbrellas, swizzle sticks, and plenty of fruit on the rim of these concoctions cocktail-lovers will treasure. Be sure to look around as the Polynesian decor will be more authentic than kitschy with rare mid-century Tiki art on display, and a large salt-water aquarium.

So, dig up that Hawaiian shirt and get ready to put the lime in the coconut at the newest island-themed watering hole.

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