Herbology, one of Kalamazoo's first marijuana dispensary is now open for recreational marijuana pickup. As recently reported, medical marijuana had been considered an essential business by the governor, and Herbology was allowed to remain open in a limited capacity; curbside pick-up only. Now that isolation orders are loosening, Herbology announced that they are now free to provide recreational marijuana. Effective immediately, you may roll your way through their parking lot setup and roll away with legal bud.

Herbology, which officially opened it's doors just off of Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo on January 1st, is a chain with locations in seven states. They have three other locations in the Mitten; Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, and Bangor. It might be a strange, new thing to bring our patronage to a provision center, so to help you get comfortable with the idea, I did a little digging to find learn what to look for when shopping and how you know what to buy.

First, the website Leafy.com suggests asking as many questions you can to your "budtender." After all, they wouldn't be working in the recreational/medical marijuana field if they didn't know their stuff. Second, do a little of your own research to find out what you prefer. Smoke or gummies? CBD or THC? Ask yourself the right questions, and you'll get what you're looking for. Third, it never hurts to try. Buy something, bring it home, and make a few notes about what you likes and didn't like. Your next trip will be even smoother sailing if you've paid attention.

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