As we get closer and closer to "freedom", at least from quarantine, we will have to be even more mindful of our environment than ever before.  When I go out now for essentials, there is a feeling of caution bordering on fear that I've never felt before.

Some of the most ordinary things that are a part of our everyday lives take on a whole new meaning.  I find myself thinking that not only have we been complacent but possibly even ignorant to some simple scientific and medical facts.

Here are 7 things that I can think of right off the top of my head the we carry that may be infected.


Unlike some of the other items on the list, sunglasses aren't put back in your pocket and tend to get hung on your shirt, thrown on a counter, or in your car.  Plus, they shield your eyes from the sun but also from droplets from coughs and sneezes.

Cell Phone


We know the Coronavirus lives on surfaces like metal, glass and plastic for 3 hours or more and we touch it several times a day.  But the worst thing is when we use it we put it right up to our face.


Photo by McKelly

We've already mentioned the lifespan of the Coronavirus on metal & plastic and although we don't throw our keys around, we do handle them a lot and touch our face inadvertently.  The other issue is we don't tend to disinfect them regularly and we're usually walking into our homes after using them and before we can wash our hands.

Wallet Or Purse


A woman's purse more than a man's wallet is more susceptible to the "droplets" that contain the virus as it's placed or set down multiple times per day.  in addition, the items in the purse or wallet might be touched by multiple people during a day.

Credit Cards

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This one is pretty obvious in that you and others can handle a credit card just through the normal credit card protocol.  And here's something you may not even know you're doing.  Haven't we all put our credit card in our mouth as we handle our wallet, purse or packages before we can return it to it's place?




Ya, well, this one's easy.  We've all heard the stories about how many people touch cash as it gets circulated through society.  Before the pandemic we only worried about how much cocaine was on the bills and now this!

Coat or Jacket

Photo by McKelly

Even though the virus doesn't last as long on fabric as it does on the harder surfaces we've mentioned, your coat or jacket comes in contact with other things that we don't directly touch but feel like it's just our coat and not our hands.

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