There's a strange dichotomy that makes itself known during the new normal.  On one hand, every day starts blending into the next causing a "Groundhog Day" effect.  People find themselves confused as to what day it is and time seems to crawl.

Then there's the realization that things are coming up quickly and because of the pandemic paralysis we end up finding ourselves rushed and unprepared.  Well, we're basically 3 months from the start of another school year and no one knows what is going to happen.

Some colleges have already made known what their intentions are.  Notre Dame intends on having students on campus up to Thanksgiving and then remote classes till second semester starts in 2021.  Of course, most people believe that's only so they can play football without having to go to confession.

The California State University system weeks ago decided no campuses will be open the rest of the year leaving students to remote in.  For the rest, it seems there will be both ends of the spectrum or combinations of both.

As for the Kalamazoo Public Schools, we still don't know definitively what the course of action will be.  However, there are school systems in Michigan that are proposing some radical plans which may or may not be effective. tells us that the West Bloomfield School District has proposed that students would be in school 2 days a week and remote learning the other 3.  Half of the students would attend classes on Monday and Tuesday and the other half Thursday and Friday with Wednesday used to give the schools a deep cleaning.

This may just work.  We know that the in-school experience is very valuable but may not be safely practical.  We also know that remote interaction only is not acceptable.  The question is, will KPS establish something similar or totally different?

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