It's all the fun without the crowds and it may even be better than glamping. Book your next camping stay at a vinyard, on the beach, down on the farm, at a private ranch, or in an orchard to make it an adventure like no other.

Some people like meeting new people, others enjoy the seclusion of Nature. If you'd rather experience new places than catch up with Diane and Phil every weekend at Camp Sasquatch, Hipcamp is what you've been looking for; it's the Airbnb of camping.

For those who are not familiar with it, think of Airbnb as "Uber for lodging." People list houses/apartments/rooms that are available for rent. I spent an entire weekend at an Airbnb townhouse in a Chicago neighborhood for less than it would have cost me for one night at a downtown hotel.

The beauty of Hipcamp is that it allows people, much in the same way, to share their beautiful land with campers. You could pitch your tent on the beach at a secluded private lake, at the edge of an apple orchard or fall asleep smelling the grapes from the neighboring vineyard. You might even stay in Darwin's 5th wheel parked way out on the back 40 of the farm and spend the weekend alone. Are all the campgrounds near one of your favorite events sold out every year? This may be your answer.

If idea of more upscale, "glamping" options appeals to you or you on't have a tent or  camper, you can rent full-size trailers, pop-ups, cabins, lodges, a tipi or even an airstream for your next adventure. Michigan State Parks are amazing, but Hipcamp opens up a wealth of new possibilities and experiences for your next memorable vacation.

Bonus Video: Fun Campsite Games for the Family