It might not seem like gardening weather, but it will be any day now, and that has many people in Michigan in a quandary.  Where can they get the supplies they need, now that they might have time to get in some garden work?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Governor Whitmer’s executive order has closed down many garden centers and landscape companies as a result.  But some companies are re-opening previously closed portions of their stores, after consulting with their attorneys.   Outdoor Landscape and Supplies is filling orders for delivery.  Some big box stores, like Menard’s, are going with curbside pickup.  Horrocks in Battle Creek has re-opened their outdoor garden center, for regular shopping or curbside pickup.   Here’s the sign that was posted outside the store at 235 Capital Ave SW.

Horrocks, Battle Creek-TSM Photo
Horrocks, Battle Creek-TSM Photo

The signs were taken down at 12:30 pm on Friday, but only to eliminate confusion about Horrocks’ other stores.  An employee at the Battle Creek store explained that the Lansing store exceeds the 50,000 square foot limit, and that garden supplies are only being sold in Lansing via curbside pickup.  But he said the Battle Creek store is well under that limit, and that the store's legal team has advised that they are ok to sell those products to regular shoppers who come in to buy food..

Inside the Battle Creek store, it was business as usual, except for extra precautions made to keep staff and shoppers safe.  Employees all wore masks.  Plexiglass shields are up at the cash registers, and social distancing marks are on the floors at checkout lines.    Customers were moving carefully and respectfully as they did their shopping.  The shoppers were cautious, but friendly.   The Battle Creek store’s Facebook page gave the details.

Horrocks Battle Creek Garden Store Open

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