Everybody is talking about toilet paper.  Where can we get it?  Will we run out?  How much would you take for a roll?  We've also heard about businesses including it with other purchases.  Well one company that knows all about it is having a sale but it ain't around the corner.

9and10news.com is letting us know about the Great Lakes Tissue Company that makes toilet paper in Northern Michigan.  The Cheboygan based company typically only sells commercially.  But with toilet paper becoming quite the hot ticket item, they will have a special sale Wednesday.  You’ll be able to pick up a case of 96 rolls.  “Nobody in Northern Michigan should feel like they are in a toilet paper emergency,” said Great Lakes Tissue Company Vice President Tori Beckett. “In this case, we made a special exception, so we can get some more paper to the people who need it.”

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