What else will 2020 bring us the second half of the year?  Some say a cataclysmic natural disaster the will further inflict damage on an already frail economy.  Others think that there will be a man-made disaster that involves nuclear components.  And still others predict some sort of World War III.

Sure, those things could happen but most with the knowledge to assess the big picture think there may be a second wave of the Coronavirus that could be worse and then made even worse by people refusing to adhere to preventable protocol.

The so-called second wave would likely happen this Fall and spread into the new year as was the case with COVID-19.  Let's hope we don't see a resurgence before we get the vaccine to everyone.

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control recommended that everyone should get a flu shot this Fall and especially if we are into a second wave of the virus.  It's not because the flu shot might help against the virus but to prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed.

Can you imagine even more hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in the second wave and we have the worst flu season in history?  It's 2020!  I think we have to assume the worst!

Remember, not all flu cases are reported but the CDC estimates there were about 56,000,000 cases and around 62,000 deaths from October 2019 to April 2020.  this could shape up to be the "imperfect storm" we're all worried about.  The question is will you get a flu shot this Fall?

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