As we have pointed out previously, one of the dangers surrounding legal recreational marijuana is in the edible form.  There is evidence that users are unaware of how much THC they are consuming and find themselves in a state that may result in things like hallucinations.  The smoker rarely gets to this state as the high is more immediate while the edible forms provide a somewhat delayed reaction.  States like Colorado and Washington who also have legal recreational marijuana are finding this to be the case.  So what can we expect  Michigan?

AAA Michigan released the finding of a study found on that found that in Washington state, the share of drivers who, after a fatal crash, tested positive for active THC – the drug’s main psychoactive ingredient – has doubled since the state legalized marijuana in December 2012.  AAA Michigan said the study showed the results from the analysis suggest that the legalization of recreational use of marijuana may increase the rate of THC-positive drivers involved in fatal crashes, so it gives reason for pause, it gives reason for education and awareness around this issue now that we’re a recreational state.

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