As all the major sports continue to come up with plans and contingencies we patiently await the re-start of our sporting lives.  So far, for me anyway, the cancellation of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and The Masters are the events that disappointed me the most.  Also, I was looking forward to the Olympics but We're used to waiting for that.  The question now becomes, when sports start back up, will you be alright going to a live event with a crowd?

The was a survey done by Seton Hall University's Stillman School Of Business showing that nearly 3 out of 4 Americans won't go to a game until a vaccine for COVID-19 is available.  Now I realize that social distancing will be in effect but don't you want to sit with the people who are with you?  Further, are you going to feel OK about making your way through a big crowd like the ones at the Big House?  This survey has made me think about it.  How about you?

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