Remember back in 2016 when Yahoo finally admitted that they allowed hackers to steal personal information of nearly 200,000,000 people in the United States and Israel?  Turns out it was the largest security breech in history.  Do you also remember that Yahoo was bought by Verizon for 4.48 Billion dollars?  And were you aware that Verizon and the Yahoo holding company Altaba Inc. agreed to pay 50 million dollars in compensation?  So if you were a Yahoo email user you could see some cash headed your way.

According to, there will be several levels of compensation depending on the type of package you purchased and how much time you spent with your account.  It's conceivable that account holders could be looking a hundreds of dollars coming back to them.  So look at it this way, it's a win win.  You got out of having to be a Yahoo customer and you're getting some money for your trouble.  Check out many of the other details by clicking HERE.

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