It's time for morel mushroom hunting in Michigan, but is it allowed under the stay at home directive? We look to the DNR for the answers.

Under Governor Whitmer's shelter in place order, some outdoor recreation is allowed, but things are a little confusing right now. In some cases, county and city parks are closed while others are open. Some activities are allowed, but others are prohibited. We know you want to know: can I hunt morels this year?

Most Michiganders will tell you that the location of a good morel patch is a matter of utmost secrecy. This makes mushroom hunting a perfect chance to practice the 6-foot-minimum social distancing that is such a critical step in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Mushroom hunters should plan to search locally, too, and only with people who live in their household.

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2018 Michigan Morel Mushroom Gallery

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