I just saw a headline I thought I'd never see: 'Subway Is dying'.  Subway is supposed to be as close to a sure thing as just about anything.  After all, it's the world's largest fast-food chain so I could understand if the market was saturated and they needed to trim the fat and downsize but, turns out, it's much more than that.

According to businessinsider.com, battles at headquarters are killing it and many franchises are turning against the CEO Suzanne Greco the younger sister of the chain's co-founder Fred DeLuca.  Franchise owners are searching for a turnaround to declining sales citing issues such as 'Trouble at the top', 'Dysfunction that has turned flat-out evil' and that the company has become to big to survive.  What happened to 'Too big to fail'?  One franchise owner was quoted as saying: 'I wish I had an advocate.  This is my retirement and now, well, it's over'.  Get the whole story by clicking HERE.

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