We've heard about seemingly regular dogs that somehow sniff their owners, react in a weird way and then the person finds out they have cancer.  There have been studies and confirmation has been made that the dog did indeed detect cancer.  Now, I have friends in law enforcement who are or were on the canine unit and they've told me that a dog's sense of smell is so strong that, for instance, it doesn't just smell beef stew.  It smells every ingredient in the beef stew.  That is hard for us to comprehend.  Apparently, dogs have 300 million smell detectors which is about 50 times more that us humans.

I saw an article from the Pennsylvania School of Veterinarian Medicine and they're using the same cancer-detecting situation to see if they can train dogs to sniff out COVID-19.  It would be like having a COVID detector without the testing.  You'd basically be able to tell if someone is infected without showing any symptoms.  The question I have is: Does it have to be a dog similar to the police dogs or can it be a regular dog?  The next question is: Could there be a dog right here in Kalamazoo that can perform such a service?  Let the search begin.

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