Motley Crue’s hugely popular album Dr. Feelgood turns 35 this year, and the band is admittedly in awe of the milestone.

“Where the fuck did the time go?” Tommy Lee declared while discussing the anniversary with Allison Hagendorf.

“I mean, our girlfriends and wives are just barely older than that,” chimed in Nikki Sixx, drawing laughs from the other members of the band. “I guess they’re vintage too now. Finally!”

Reflecting on the creation of Dr. Feelgood, Sixx soon took a more reflective tone.

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“You know what was great about that record? [Producer] Bob Rock said, ‘You guys have gotta get out of L.A. I need you guys, your undivided attention,’” the bassist recalled, noting how the band responded to working in Vancouver. “Aerosmith was staying at the same apartment, hotel thing. And there was like a gym downstairs, it’s Vancouver, it’s beautiful there. They had a lake right there. Every morning, we’d wake up, we’d go down to the gym, we’d work out, see the Aerosmith guys, and it was just this great energy happening.”

“We got out of L.A.,” Sixx continued. “It made that album special. There was nothing to focus on except each other and the music.”

Motley Crue Disguised Themselves to Get Into a Strip Club

Of course, Motley Crue being Motley Crue, they still found ways to get into trouble in Vancouver.

“We had been banned from going to the strip clubs, me and Tommy,” Sixx recalled, noting that the musicians were spending "too much time" at the city's adult establishments. “So we decided to get lumberjack outfits.”

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The rockers decked themselves out like "Canadian oil riggers," hoping their disguises would allow them to visit the strip clubs unnoticed. However, things didn’t go to plan.

“So we go over to the Marble Arch [strip club] and we walk in and the first girl is like, ‘Hey Tommy! Hey Nikki!" Sixx remembered, admitting that their outfits fooled no one.

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