A simple noise complaint, in the City of Springfield, evolved into a high-speed chase, a burning car, and then another high-speed chase in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 22nd. At the end of it all, two adult suspects were jailed, 3 kids were turned over to their parents, and three stolen vehicles were recovered. 

It was 5:30 AM when Calhoun County Sheriff Deputies responded to the noise complaint in the 4000-block of West Dickman Road. Upon their arrival, several vehicles sped from the scene, with one of the vehicles hitting a sheriff’s cruiser and continuing to flee. This was just the beginning of a series of events that would lead Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputies into Kalamazoo County. 

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After having a cruiser bashed by the suspects, deputies attempted to stop the vehicles but eventually lost sight of them. It was just minutes later when they were alerted of a vehicle fire, and the blazing vehicle just happened to match the description of one of the vehicles involved in the pursuit. When firefighters arrived at the scene, on Alden Street in Emmett Township, they witnessed several people exit the suspect vehicle, then get into another vehicle, and flee the scene. This was definitely a red flag that the burning vehicle was involved in some sort of mischief. 

Sheriff’s deputies arrived in the nick of time and pursued the vehicle westbound on I-94. The interstate highway pursuit continued for around 20 miles, leading into Kalamazoo County where vigilant Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s deputies had deployed the fabled “stop sticks” which did their job, disabling the suspect’s vehicle. The driver decided to give it one last shot, fleeing the vehicle on foot, but his athletic abilities couldn’t out-match those of the Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies who quickly subdued the winded fellow. 

The early morning noise complaint ended with two male suspects being arrested and lodged in the Calhoun County Jail, three juveniles evading detention at the newly named Calhoun County Youth Center and being turned over to their parents, and three stolen vehicles being recovered, one of which was apparently in a somewhat toasty condition. All of the suspects face multiple felony charges after having played the stereo too loud. 

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