Michigan has huge plans for an incredible 2023 concert season. And when we say huge, we really mean it!

Get ready for incredible concerts already planned for the new year. Some of these artists include:

Taylor Swift

Bruce Springsteen

Ed Sheeran

Matchbox Twenty

We play many of their hit songs on our radio station quite often and why not? They're all huge box office stars and most likely will sell out their concerts.. I personally plan on seeing each and every one of them in 2023

Because I'm in radio, I've seen some pretty big shows over a number of years:

Michael Jackson

Paul McCartney

Neil Diamond


Bruce Springsteen

There's just something very exciting about buying concert tickets just to go and listen to their music and watch them perform live on stage. Live shows are the best.

Other great shows coming our way in 2023 right here in Michigan include:

Chicago at Soaring Eagle on May 5. I've seen Chicago at least ten times dating back to the mid '80s.

Janet Jackson at Little Caesars Arena on May 24. That is going to be an awesome show, I can promise you that.

How about the one and only John Mellencamp at DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids. How about a little "Jack and Diane?"

After listening to that audio clip, how can you not want to go see John M. in concert?

Great shows are heading our way in 2023, and what about the summer of 2023? Coming our way on August 30, Foreigner and Loverboy at Pine Knob. That's going to be a rocking good time, that's for sure.

Check out more great concerts coming our way in 2023. (mlive.com)

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