Alice in Chains guitarist and co-vocalist Jerry Cantrell has recently been talking up his upcoming solo album. As of this week, thanks to a photo from the rocker, it looks like Cantrell has gotten to work in earnest on the first studio effort under his name since 2002's Degradation Trip.

That means listeners who've taken a liking to the musician's work in both Alice in Chains and elsewhere will likely have a new release from Cantrell sometime this year or next.

Check out the guitarist's latest update down toward the bottom of this post.

In the image shared by Cantrell on March 10, an arsenal of guitars and amps are pictured within Dave's Room Recording Studio in North Hollywood, California, as Ghost Cult pointed out. The accompanying caption gives one an idea of the proceedings: "It's time to make the Raawwwkkk!" the musician said.

Last month, when asked about the upcoming release, Cantrell told People TV, "When I'm with Alice, I'm with Alice, and that takes the majority of my time. This year, we're taking a little time off. So, if you liked any of the solo work that I did, or [my] work with Alice, I'm sure you might like some of this stuff, too."

Although it's been nearly two decades since the guitarist last released a solo album, that doesn't mean he hasn't occasionally forayed outside of Alice in Chains. In 2017, Cantrell contributed "A Job to Do" to John Wick: Chapter 2. A year later, Cantrell's "Setting Sun" appeared on DC's Dark Knights: Metal soundtrack.

Swipe through some splendid studio images from the Alice in Chains icon below.

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