Stefani and I recently had a "strong discussion" on which is better my generation of old school video games like Pac Man, Astreroids and Centipede for example or her generation of poorly represented video games like Tetrus, Mario Cart, and Super Mario crap. Needless to say that prompted me draw up my top five favorite old school video games. Watch and learn youngsters.

Donkey Kong:

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Talk about versatile usage when it comes to barrels, the Kongs made use with barrels as weapons, furniture and even as a living facility. The original Donkey Kong was never going to let that Mario character get to the top of the construction site using every barrel and fireball in his power. Mr. Kong was hell bent on destruction of the construction.  So powerful was the game it spawned two more versions of Donkey Kong and even Donkey Kong Jr!


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Battles in outer space couldn't be more exciting then spending a Saturday afternoon spinning a submerged ball and rapidly pouncing on a button till your fingers grew sore.  This game can cause some anxiety as the asteroids relentlessly bombard you until you've been destroyed. One hint when playing this game, I found the turns to be "loose" and sometimes that can effect your aim. I do love how as the game goes on it quickly becomes more and more challenging and the pace picks up quite considerably. A strategy today's video games somewhat fail to employ.


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Nothing better then spending an afternoon warding off centipedes, scorpions, spiders and fleas.  This fixed shooter game captured the essence of patients as the pede snakes in patterns getting closer and closer. The game was so successful it spawned the incredibly challenging Millipede.

 Pac Man:

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Must eat dots...must eat dots. Pac Man has to haul ass through this maze all the while avoiding contact with four colored ghosts. He can turn things around after consuming some "energizers". This causes the ghost to turn blue which then allows Pac-Man to turn the tables and eat them. Perfect game of revenge. Take that beoootch!


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The grand daddy of em all. The master, the king. Pong is where it all started.  It's two dimensional graphics blew the arcade game industry away. Well, mostly because it was damn near the only arcade game available at its time but still, give the old man some cred. Without Pong, we would have nothing. All hail pong!

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