See this provocative 1976 ad for a Maple Hill Mall business.

"We're tops in bottoms" is the slogan for Just Jeans, a Kalamazoo retailer located in Maple Hill Mall. This 1976 print ad reads:


You don't stand a chance

until you take off your pants.

You have to imagine that at least some of the jeans in question were bell-bottoms; it was, after all the bicentennial year of 1976. Jimmy Carter had just won the November election but America and Kalamazoo were still a long way from the recession. In fact, the Dow Jones was on its way to finish at a record high, topping 1,000 for only the second time in history.

David Bowie brought his Thin White Duke tour to Wings Stadium and the album 'Frampton Comes Alive' was under many Christmas trees in 1976, along with Stretch Armstrong and (If you'd been really good) an Atari or Odyssey 300 game console. If you got clothes from Santa, you probably got jeans from Just Jeans in Maple Hill Mall.

Just Jeans 1976 print ad
Just Jeans 1976 print ad

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