Justice League opens this Friday (well, technically, this Thursday night), and early this morning the review embargo finally lifted. We won’t see the Rotten Tomatoes score until tomorrow morning, but for now we have all kinds of reviews to sift through to figure out whether or not this movie is worth paying fifteen bucks for. From the looks of things, it doesn’t really sound that way.

You can read our own review here, but if you need more than one critic’s word, check out these others below:

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair:

If this was the best DC could do in synthesizing all their lead characters together into one ensemble spectacular, after a half-decade of planning, that’s pretty damning. Justice League is such a misguided mess—often feeling entirely unguided—that you want to intervene, softly saying, “Stop, stop, you don’t have to do this, stop.”

Manohla Dargis, The New York Times:

The story is a confusion of noise, visual clutter and murderous digital gnats, but every so often a glimmer of life flickers through.

Julia Alexander, Polygon:

It’s difficult to try and explain whether Justice League fails or succeeds as a movie because the film feels like it’s still trying to figure out what it wants to be.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian:

In the end, though, there is something ponderous and cumbersome about Justice League; the great revelation is very laborious and solemn and the tiresome post-credits sting is a microcosm of the film’s disappointment.

Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly:

It’s a placeholder in a franchise that’s already had too many placeholders.

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter:

With all the characters that need to be introduced, the virtually humor-free script by Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon (who was brought on to complete directing duties after Zack Snyder had to leave for family reasons) less resembles deft narrative scene-setting than it does the work of a bored casino dealer rotely distributing cards around a table.

Matt Goldberg, Collider:

In place of disaster, Justice League is a largely bland, forgettable affair that has nice moments scattered throughout and the promise of a better tomorrow, but outside of Wonder Woman, that’s all the DCEU ever really offers: the promise that the next movie will be better.

David Sims, The Atlantic:

Justice League is almost pathologically chipper, as if trying to cast off the oppressive bleakness of earlier DC films—but that’s not enough to make it a good movie.

Justice League hits theaters tomorrow.

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