There were varying reports early on as the coronavirus started that said it was passed primarily by touching surfaces and other people than touching your face.  We've since learned it can be passed by coughing and, of course, sneezing.  Now Kalamazoo Meijer stores are taking more precautions. reports that Meijer announced Wednesday that it will install "sneeze guards" at 248 stores across the Midwest.  Corporate Communications Specialist Sonny Franks said the plexiglass shields will be installed at every checkout lane to add protection for employees and customers.  Franks said installation will begin next week in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19.

Other precautions Meijer has taken includes:

  • Suspending the use of reusable bags by customers in its stores unless they’re being used for the retailer’s Shop & Scan program.
  • Discontinuing accepting beverage containers for return at its Michigan stores.
  • Temporarily removing Sandy the Pony from the front end of its stores.
  • Marking X’s on the floor six feet apart in areas where customers may congregate, such as lines for check lanes, pharmacy and service desk counters.
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