According to a story from IHOP is changing its name.  Well, it's not changing the whole name, just the last letter.  But how can it change the last letter if that letter stands for pancakes?  What will it be the International House Of???

Apparently, the last letter in the acronym will be changed to a lower case "b" making it IHOb.  No word yet what the little "b" will stand for so why don't we speculate.  I guess it could stand for breakfast but why the lower case "b"?  Could it be brunch to signify that they're not just for breakfast?  Hey!  Wait a minute... Could the "b" possibly be for BACON???  THE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BACON!!!  Now that would be a reason to go to IHOb.  Everything they offer would have bacon in it and that, my friends, would be a move we could all get behind.  Please feel free to join in the speculation as we wait for the actual announcement which is supposed to be delivered on Monday 6/11/18.

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