Kalamazoo seems to be making more of the "lists" lately as publications and/or sites continue to recognize what we've always known.  It's nice to live somewhere that you aren't constantly hoping you could get the hell out of.  Believe me, we've lived in at least 3 places like that; Akron, Canton and Youngstown, Ohio.  One glaring contrary list brought us a startling realization that Kalamazoo has also been on a list of worst cities which you'll be able to access below.  Nevertheless, the good far out pace the bad and we just made another one.

According to realtor.com, Kalamazoo made the top 5 on the list of affordable, outdoorsy cities in America.  It starts with the median home price at $269,500 and then add number of homes with outdoor patios, kitchens or decks, the per capita kayaking, rafting and outdoor gear stores, the number of campgrounds and the percentage of residents who live within close proximity of a park.  The cities were also picked based on their bicycle-friendliness rating, restaurants with outdoor seating and the number of national parks in the state.  Check out the rankings and other cool tidbits by clicking HERE.


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